Matt's family has made Hillsborough home for generations. Matt was raised in Hillsborough, attended Orange County Public Schools, and graduated from UNC Chapel Hill. Matt has a strong connection with Hillsborough and is focused on Hillsborough’s future. Matt was raised by a single mother and understands the struggles of working families. Matt believes our community should be affordable and vibrant while maintaining its small town charm and wants Hillsborough to continue to be a place where we can live, work, and play.

Hillsborough is facing unprecedented growth. While residents are overwhelmingly satisfied with the direction Hillsborough is moving in, many are understandably anxious about the challenges the town will need to tackle as we grow. Hillsborough must maintain its small-town character while embracing the future. We want Hillsborough to be an affordable, welcoming town for all who visit, work, and live here.


Matt will work to:

  • Ensure our community retains its character during a period of unprecedented growth

  • Make sure Hillsborough continues to be a welcoming place for everyone

  • Support our local businesses and foster a business friendly environment

  • Tackle the issue of affordability, including affordable housing, taxes, and water rates

  • Promote better transit solutions, including relieving congestion, improved infrastructure, multi-modal transportation, and regional transit options

  • Promote sustainability and resiliency as we deal with climate change and its effect on society


Matt is running to represent everyone as a Town Commissioner. That’s a lofty responsibility, but Matt is up for the job. Matt enjoys getting out and meeting with folks in every corner of our town. That’s why he pledges to have an open door policy and will listen to the needs of every resident. He is fully committed to fulfilling this role as Town Commissioner, making government more approachable, efficient, and effective.