Issues // Governing


Matt thinks progress is achieved when stakeholders are heard during the decision-making process. Broad community participation is necessary for new initiatives to succeed. As a town commissioner, he will work to bring our private sector leaders, nearby municipal governments, Orange County, Orange County Schools, and UNC together to tackle community-wide issues in smart, creative ways. As a Town Commissioner, Matt will seek the support of all stakeholders, including residents, community leaders, business owners, and non-profit leaders


Constituent Services: Government with a Friendly Face

As a community leader, Matt has referred residents to appropriate local, state, and federal agencies or nonprofit organizations to address their individual needs. He knows that the most important role of any elected official is to provide these constituency services to resolve the issues residents face with their government. He is fully committed to fulfilling this role as Town Commissioner, making government more approachable, efficient, friendly, and effective.

Open-Ear & Open-Door Policy 

Matt’s personal pledge as Town Commissioner is to maintain an open-door policy to address the needs of every resident, regardless of economic situation, geographic location, or political affiliation.  The truth is he really likes getting out to meet with the residents of Hillsborough and, as someone who was born and grew up here, he is interested in the lives and needs of lifelong residents and new residents alike.

Defending Local Power 

Matt thinks the local government bodies closest to the people should have the power to more effectively manage local affairs. Currently, the options available to local governments to combat important issues like affordable housing and wages, are significantly limited by the North Carolina General Assembly. Matt will work with municipal government leaders from across the state to lobby legislators for local government to have additional powers and to combat problems legislators refuse to solve. Local government control is not a partisan issue; it is about empowering locals to solve pressing community problems without needing to go through the slow-moving, remote legislative process. He will fight attempts to weaken local ordinances and local control whenever the General Assembly considers undemocratic legislation aimed at further limiting local government.